The Zenith | Sofa

Zenith 5
Zenith 4
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Zenith 2
Zenith 1

Name | The Zenith

Design | Karine Bonjean

Year | 2024

Deriving from the ancient Latin “cenit”, zenith refers to an astronomical high point. With its curves meandering through your space, the Zenith Sofa mirrors those peaks and valleys as one follows the cycle of its design.

With its open back upholstered in our wide selection of fabrics, the sofa’s elements provide an unparalleled sense of comfort.

Match to your desires, the modularity of its four elements allows seamless integration into a wide variety of spaces.

Upholstery | Fabric Cuddly

Has a smooth, matte finish with a soft sheen.






Zenith Sofa 5
Zenith Sofa 4
Zenith Sofa 3
Zenith Sofa 2
Zenith Sofa 1