A Family Story Of True Passion

Evolution21’s foundation consists of three family members. Karine Bonjean is the owner who started the company in 2010. Karine Bonjean is the creative and genius mind behind Evolution21. Her passion and love for fabrics is something she has been interested in as a teenager. Pursuing her dream as an interior architect she quickly found that she was missing high-quality fabrics and furniture. With her excellent eye for detail and creativity, she founded Evolution21. Her two sons Lauwrens and Anthony soon joined the company. Anthony has a background in marketing and sales. He makes sure that all transactions happen smoothly and focuses on customer satisfaction. Lauwrens, on the other hand, has a background in software and web design. He primarily focuses on the online aspect of Evolution21. This is what makes Evolution21 strong and unique. Everyone has a passion in their element and brings it to Evolution21.

Evolution21 is a Belgium based luxury furniture company, situated in Mechelen, the furniture district and key furniture location since 1718. Evolution21 has a solid reputation at an international level as an excellent producer of luxury products in the field of contemporary furniture design and as a representative of a classic-modern lifestyle in residential and hospitality sector.

Evolution21 today permanently melds tradition and innovation: the skills of talented artisan are employed to finish a product created by modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion. This high degree of know-how is constantly improved by the intensive research on materials and technological solutions thus enhancing the value of impeccable details. The commitment to excellence involves all the company.

Evolution21 gives shape to designers’ ideas and projects, channeling their creative energies based on different cultural roots, in the development of indoor and outdoor collections for the residential and hospitality segments. These collections reflect the Evolution21 identity as well as the evolution of living standards.

Being a family run business, Evolution21 has the reputation of being trustworthy and reliable furniture and textile supplier in the region. Evolution21 is experiencing rapid expansion within Belgium and the rest of Europe. The fact that Evolution21 operates worldwide speaks of its reliability and professionalism.

Evolution21 is known for its high-end textiles, leathers and furniture. With decades of experience, Karine Bonjean brings her creativity all across the world. Karine focuses towards warm and harmonious colors, to bring out a radiant and hospitable design for her customers.

The deepest roots of this long-lasting, successful collaboration in terms of the results it has given lie in the deep harmony that binds Karine Bonjean to Evolution21. The cultural background, professional experience and sensitivity of Karine Bonjean found fertile ground in a company that translated the designer’s insights into finished projects.