Coup de Foudre | Bedding

Karine Bonjean, CEO of Evolution21, recently collaborated with Treca Paris to create a stunning and unique bed design. The bed is a true work of art, with its own distinct character and a mesmerizing geometric pattern that draws inspiration from the famous painting “Ma Jolie” by Pablo Picasso.

The design is not just visually appealing, but also highly functional, as it is made with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Treca Paris is a renowned high-end brand that shares Karine’s passion for beautiful high-end materials. Together, they selected nine exclusive bed color combinations. The striking colors and intricate graphic structure of the design are visible not only in the bed frame and headboard, but also in the accompanying bedding and cushions.

While Karine has a background in interior design and has created many beautiful home decor products, the Coup De Foudre bed is undoubtedly a standout piece, with its unique design and attention to detail.



Camel brown


Black and white




Safari green

Emerald green

Bedding CDF 6
Bedding CDF 5
Bedding CDF 4
Bedding CDF 3
Bedding CDF 2
Bedding CDF 1