Lux Sun | Pouf

The Lux Sun Pouf is a unique and elegant piece of outdoor furniture that features an additional base that goes around the diameter of the pouf. This added base creates a sense of luxury, and can be upholstered in either water-resistant fabric or leather, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Its frame is constructed with water-repellant wood, providing durability and protection against damp conditions. We use water-permeable aqua foam, which is comfortable to sit on and easy to clean. This combination makes the Lux Sun Pouf a durable and functional piece of outdoor furniture.

Technical Information

XS | D30 x H40-45
Small | D50 x H40-45
Medium | D55 x H35-40
Large | D60 x H35-40
XL | D90 x H40-45
Pouf Sun Lux 6
Pouf Sun Lux 5
Pouf Sun Lux 4
Pouf Sun Lux 3
Pouf Sun Lux 2
Pouf Sun Lux 1