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Name | Boston

Design | Karine Bonjean

Year | 2016

Photography Jente Willems


Four versatile elements.

One of Evolution21’s most beloved creations in recent years is the Sofa Boston. It stands out through its ingenious simplicity. Four seamlessly stitched elements provide a pristine seating experience whichever way they are put together. The Boston consists of a corner piece and an L-element, offering sufficient back support, and a corner- and long pouf, providing spaciousness.

These four elements ensure enormous versatility and endless possibilities. They can be assembled into an attractive corner sofa that will seat a larger group of people comfortably. However, thanks to the manageable size of every piece, the Boston Sofa lends itself perfectly to any configuration in any room. Whether in a spacious living room of a country house or in a trendy flat in the city, the Boston will feel right at home.

The future owner of this marvelous design piece will be able to choose the materials used for the finishing. The Sofa can be upholstered in any of the Evolution21 fabrics & leather collections. Leather piping is available for a sturdy tactile experience and added longevity.

You can decide whether you want to go for a bold and vibrant colour or rather a more restrained and subtle look. Sofa Boston is there for you to enjoy whichever way you so desire.