Fiori | Rug

Based upon our much cherished Fiori fabric, the Fiori rug is a testament to our design. Its distinct motif has been enlarged, offering a floral touch to large spaces. The pattern has been carved through differing strand lengths, allowing its shape to shine through. Its tactile qualities are noticeable, and best enjoyed barefoot in a living room or bedroom.

Fiori’s greatest asset is its customisability; its size is malleable to your desires, with any size being available upon request. With a multitude of colors to choose from, Fiori can serve as a focal point or as a tasteful complement to its surrounding environment. We’ve provided a selection of sample colors below to show some of the possibilities, but it is also perfectly possible to match their colors to specific harmonies. Its mix of Merino wool and mohair guarantees both durability and comfort, perfect for many years of use.