Indoor Poufs

Our diverse selection of poufs is a reflection of our growth. Covering a vast range of colours, textures and shapes, they can fit into any pre-existing setting or alongside our own furniture. Made in Mechelen by a team of skilled craftsmen, their unparalleled quality is assured, from their wooden or metal finishes to the various levels of piping.

Sourcing our fabrics within Belgium, we are immensely proud of our national heritage, and Mechelen’s storied past in the furniture industry is one we aim to carry on for generations to come. Our use of eco-friendly production methods, along with working alongside companies who have honed their talents for generations, demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability of our product and the industry, while being uncompromising on the quality of our work.

You can be confident in the quality and versatility of our range, broken down into distinct categories of finishes and shapes. We can provide a completely unique product, destined for a lifetime of use within your space.


A stunning addition to any living space.

Scott So Lucky XL Edition

An exclusive piece designed to match our So Lucky XL fabric.



The Lux Pouf has the same dimensions as our Scott Pouf, but with an added feature that sets it apart within our lineup.


Its round shape and playful mushroom design add a touch of creativity to any room.


Inspired by the charming Swiss village, our Verbier Pouf exudes a sense of refreshing lightness and adds a touch of height to any room.


Customization is key when it comes to the Henry Pouf.


The Geo Pouf is upholstered in one piece and the stitching is seamless, ensuring a clean and polished look.


This one-of-a-kind bean bag is crafted from a combination of different fabrics, with the option to add extra fur for ultimate plushness.


A combination of sleek lines, premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional.