Coup de Foudre | Bath Linen

Experience the passion of “love at first sight” with our Coup De Foudre fabric. Inspired by Picasso’s Ma Jolie, the mesmirizing black and white geometric shapes intertwine to tell a story of love’s initial embrace.

Made with the finest quality yarns and expert weaving techniques, this linen is not only visually stunning but also ultra-soft and comfortable to the touch.

Ideal for adding a touch of abstract art to your space, Coup De Foudre is perfect as a patterned towel or accent piece against a neutral background. Indulge in the beauty of art in motion with our linens. Available in four different sizes, we cover the entire range of necessities within your bathroom.


Wash cloth

16 x 21 cm

Guest towel

40 x 60 cm

All-day towel

50 x 100 cm

Bath towel

70 x 140 cm

Bath Linen CDF 8
Bath Linen CDF 7
Bath Linen CDF 6
Bath Linen CDF 5
Bath Linen CDF 4
Bath Linen CDF 3
Bath Linen CDF 2
Bath Linen CDF 1