One of Evolution21’s cornerstones, our wide selection of cushions is a reflection of our growth. Covering a vast range of colours, textures and shapes, they can fit into any pre-existing setting or alongside our own furniture. Made in-house by a skilled team, their unparalleled quality is assured, down to the gold-certified 100% biodegradable down filling.

Sourcing our fabrics within Belgium, we are immensely proud of our national heritage, and Mechelen’s storied past in the furniture industry is one we aim to carry on for generations to come. Our use of eco-friendly production methods, along with sourcing materials from responsible suppliers, demonstrates our commitment to sustainability while being uncompromising on the quality of our work.

You can be confident in the quality and versatility of our range, broken down into distinct categories of finishes and shapes. We can provide a completely unique product, destined for a lifetime of use within your space.

Classy Designer

When you want assured quality with impactful design, the Classy Designer cushion is the right choice for you.

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Fabric Piping

A timeless classic, our Fabric Piping cushion adds a delicate, contemporary touch to a piece of furniture or living space.

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Luxe Leather Piping

We are absolutely smitten with the bold and modern aesthetic of leather piping, and it makes for a highly versatile choice across a wide array of fabrics.

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Luxe Fur Piping

It’s the perfect addition for framing single-toned materials.

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Enhance the playful appeal of your soft furnishings with these delightful fabric fringes.

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Bespoke Dreadlocks

Augment the individuality of your cushions with these dreadlock-style tassels.

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Fine-threaded Leather Tassels

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these tassels are made from high-quality leather that has been carefully threaded to create a smooth, elegant finish.

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Globe Fabric

This unique globe cushion presents a discerning and tasteful option for your interior design.

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Globe Plissé

The intricate pleated plissé design of this cushion presents a refined and opulent take on our Globe plissé cushion.

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Classy Designer Round

Consider indulging in the opulence of this circular cushion, which will assist in smoothing your rough edges and beckon you to join the circle of comfort and elegance.

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Globe Fabric and Plissé Round

To enhance your home decor, it’s all about the nuances, and this cushion offer a plethora of them.

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The versatility of cylindrical cushions is derived from ergonomic shape, allowing for a multitude of functions.

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