Evolution21 places great emphasis on attention to detail, extending our commitment to excellence even to our range of accessories. Among these, you’ll find home accents such as stylish plaids, elegant trays, luxurious bath linens, and even versatile travel bags. These home accessories are an integral part of Evolution21’s identity and seamlessly complement our existing collection.

Covering a vast range of uses, they can blend into your daily lives seamlessly. Made in Mechelen by a team of skilled craftsmen, their unparalleled quality is assured.

Sourcing our fabrics and materials within Belgium, we are immensely proud of our national heritage, and Mechelen’s storied past in the furniture industry is one we aim to carry on for generations to come. Our use of eco-friendly production methods, along with working alongside companies who have honed their talents for generations, demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability of our product and the industry, while being uncompromising on the quality of our work.

Plaids & Throws

A touch of colour, our selection of plaids is a perfect addition for your space. 

Bath Linen

With our signature Coup de Foudre pattern, our bath linen is guaranteed to draw the eye in.

Leather Trays

With four different sizes to choose from, our new trays are a versatile and stylish way to transform your pouf into a functional sidetable.

Travel Bags

A mesh our our finest fabrics and leathers, a lifetime of use will suit their timeless design.