Salone Del Mobile 2024

Explore the highlights of Evolution21 at Salone Del Mobile 2024, where innovation meets elegant design. Discover our latest luxurious furniture collections and be inspired by our creative vision. Click to learn more about our standout creations.

New Collection 2024

Discover the elegance and innovation of Evolution21’s new collection, exclusively unveiled at Salone Del Mobile 2024.

Harmonies by Karine Bonjean

Our fabric harmonies are at the core of our brand philosophy: whether used as inspiration or foundation, these forty unique themes are the result of expert curation. Each harmony has a distinct story attached to them, taking cues from our world-spanning travels, architectural muses and the rich heritage of the interior design world.

Cushion Collection

One of Evolution21’s cornerstones, our wide selection of cushions is a reflection of our growth. Covering a vast range of colours, textures and shapes, they can fit into any pre-existing setting or alongside our own furniture. Made in-house by a skilled team, their unparalleled quality is assured, down to the gold-certified 100% biodegradable down filling.

Indoor Poufs

Made in Mechelen, a town with worldwide renown in the furniture industry, our poufs’ unparalleled quality is assured, from their wooden or leather finishes to the various levels of piping. With various sizes and shapes available, you can find the one which suits your space the best.


Hand-tufted, woven from natural materials, and with distinct patterns created by Karine Bonjean, our rugs serve as an extension to our our line of fabrics. They can be made to order, in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes, perfect for any setting.

Coup De Foudre Bedding

In collaboration with Treca Paris, we have come together to create a stunning and unique bed design. The bed is a true work of art, with its own distinct character and a mesmerizing geometric pattern that draws inspiration from the famous painting “Ma Jolie” by Pablo Picasso. With Karine’s background in interior design and Treca’s savoir-faire, its design and feel leaves you breathless.

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