Outdoor Poufs

Our selection of outdoor poufs expands our range to cover the needs of your outdoor spaces. Coming in a selection of colours, textures and shapes, they can fit into any pre-existing setting or alongside our own furniture. Made in Mechelen by a team of skilled craftsmen, their unparalleled quality is assured.

Sourcing our fabrics within Belgium, we are immensely proud of our national heritage, and Mechelen’s storied past in the furniture industry is one we aim to carry on for generations to come. Our use of eco-friendly production methods, along with working alongside companies who have honed their talents for generations, demonstrates our commitment to the sustainability of our product and the industry, while being uncompromising on the quality of our work.

You can be confident in the quality and versatility of our range. We can provide a completely unique product, destined for a lifetime of use within your space.

Sun Lux

The Sun Lux Pouf is a unique and elegant piece of outdoor furniture that features an additional base that goes around its diameter.



The Sun Pouf is an exceptional outdoor piece that combines both style and comfort.



Designed to be both used indoors and outdoors, this bean bag is perfect for lounging and relaxing.