At the core of our vision, fabrics have played an integral role in fulfilling our dream of supplying high quality materials to the market. Our furniture uses some of the finest materials available to provide an all-encompassing level of finish, guaranteeing our piece’s longevity and tactile quality. With a decade of experience running Evolution21, Karine Bonjean’s breadth of designs has only continued to increase, with new motifs coming in each year. Paired alongside our ever-expanding collection of furniture, our fabrics are a reflection of our continued success.

With an extensive selection of woods, curated in order to match any fabric, or a modern touch of chrome rooting our work in the present, the versatility of our selection allows timelesness. Our carefully selected premium materials can withstand frequent utilization, perfect for both residential or commercial usages.

Active Fabrics

Evolution21 has a vast selection of fabrics for upholstery. These fabrics are present within our forty current harmonies.

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Our high-quality leather undergoes meticulous processing in top Belgian tanneries. This leather, showcased in our catalog, exemplifies the transformation of bovine leather into exquisite coverings and furnishings, embodying class, elegance, and superior taste.

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These fabrics are meticulously sourced and processed to exemplify the hallmark of quality, transforming everyday curtains into symbols of elegance and refined taste.

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FR Contract Curtain Fabrics


Evolution21’s FR curtains not only exhibit our signature style and color palette but also offer a crucial layer of protection for hotels and residential projects.

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Discover quality and design excellence with different finishes. Crafted with the highest-quality materials, these finishes coherently match our fabric collection.

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Legacy Fabrics

In the world of timeless fabrics, we cherish a tradition of everlasting style. With the passing of time, we gracefully introduce new qualities to rejuvenate our collection. When a fabric departs from our Harmony Collection, it takes on the name of legacy.

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