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Name | The Bubble

Design | Karine Bonjean

Year | 2021

Photography Jente Willems


The Bubble Sofa is one of Evolution21’s most popular models. Showcased for the first time at Salone del Mobile, its modular aspect was met with immediate interest by those who visited our stand. Its popularity has grown over the years, with a wide variety of configurations and colors passing through our doors.
Its origins are deeply rooted within our brand’s philosophy; we’ve sought to provide a distinctive twist on the evolution of pre-existing needs, which our designer Karine Bonjean fulfilled through a lengthy design process. The Bubble Sofa is a timeless design, with functionality and comfort woven into it. Suitable for a wide variety of projects, we continue to strive towards filling existing niches.

With decades of experience working in interior design, Karine Bonjean, founder of Evolution21, sought to create her own path. Expanding into furniture was the next logical step, with Bubble as the result of numerous years running her own brand. She saw the appeal of adaptability, while also understanding that there was still room for evolution within that segment.The Bubble Sofa serves as a canvas to her ideas, with patterns, textures and colors being draped over its forms. She also sought to harness the advantages of the Belgian furniture industry, with locally-based manufacturers and talent working with us to present the finest of what the “made in Belgium” image has to offer.

The appeal of modular furniture has existed for generations; one’s ability to curate their own space has shaped tastes and trends, and furniture has a longstanding association with the expression of oneself. The Bubble Sofa seeks to both buck and conform to today’s world by remaining distinctive yet timeless. Organic curved lines blend elements into each other seamlessly, while allowing for a variety of interlocking angles. With ten unique elements to choose from, the variety and scale of configurations is practically endless. Ranging from small three or four-element configurations for a living room to multiple large elements strung together in a hotel lobby, the Bubble Sofa can accommodate all needs and visions. You can group them altogether or form clusters of elements throughout a space, all while knowing that you can change your setup on a whim.

While we’ve seen a trend for a neutral palette suited to a pre-existing setting, this should not dissuade others from delving into our fabrics to find a more eclectic approach to its finishing. Evolution21’s range of indoor and outdoor fabrics suit the shapes of our Bubble elements. Artist’s dotted lines shrink its visual footprint, or the vibrant hues of Gardenia Soft and Miami can turn a Bubble configuration into a space’s pièce de résistance. An eclectic pattern can embody the spirit of a 1970’s conversation pit, creating a focal space for entertainment and relaxing. Additional details which can be adapted to your needs include wood finishings for the table element and element legs, along with numerous comfort levels for formal or casual settings. These little details allow for the Bubble to match the tones of a wooden floor for example, or a hint of chrome on an element’s legs will glint in the sun.

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