From: 1.140,56

From: 1.140,56

Polka Dots | Pouf Scott


Design by Karine Bonjean

Evolution21’s iconic pouf Scott is known for its functionality, its comfort and lightweight.

 The pouf Scott can be used as informal seating where an extra seat is needed, perfectly suited for the private living room, lounge areas etc.


Elegant and classy, Polka Dots
have stood the test of time.
From Marilyn Monroe to Yayoi
Kusama they have been used
constantly in fashion, art and film
as objects of beauty and interest.
Our black and white fabric take
combines a less uniform pattern
with a strong viscose textile. It
works perfectly as an accent piece
against plain backgrounds or
equally when contrasted with
other designs as scatter cushions.
Like stars in the infinity of space,
our Polka Dots fabric will be
forever timeless.