From: 369,80

From: 369,80

Chess Linen | Cushion


Design by Karine Bonjean

We’ve updated Fendly, our original checker-box print, to bring you Fabric Chess which gives
improved strength and a softer feel to the material.
Now, there’s even more to play with, as 9 different colours give you a variety of choice. Whether
it’s the vibrant fizz of Mimosa or the grounding tones of Blue and Beige, you can find the perfect
pattern for you.
The regular, rectangular shapes look sharp on furniture upholstery – ideal for adding some
textural variety to one-tone sofas.

Made in Belgium.

Product details

Made in Belgium
Dimensions: 40 x 40 – 40 x 60 – 50 x 50 – 60 x 60
Composition: 98%Co 2%Pa
Inner cushion filling: 100% Down Filling
Care instructions: Dry clean only



Colors displayed digitally may vary slightly from actual product.