Sofa Boston

A Sofa For Modern Living . This innovative modular sofa system lets you combine the individual units in all kinds of shapes and set-ups. Be creative and design a sofa for your specific needs to match your style. Sofa Boston is comfortable and chic and invites you to relax, lounge, play and have fun.

How does it work?

Sofa Boston has three main elements in which you can fill any space. All of these elements can be upholstered in any fabric or leather you would like. You can attach as many elements as you desire to match your interior or hotel. Each element serves a diferent purpose

Corner pouf


Long pouf

Technical information

L-element | 100 W x 110 L x 65 H

Corner Pouf | 100 W x 110L x 37H

Long Pouf | 50 W x 140 L x 50 H

Optional Plissé finish

Every section includes a hook. 

Luxurious mix and match @evolution21 showroom Antwerp.
Evolution21 will be launching its New collection.We are looking forward to welcoming you to our next events in 2018! .

Sofa Boston Corner

Sofa Boston is a unique piece that combines all of the elements into one sofa.

Technical information

225 W x 120 D x 65 H

Corner Element

Availaible in different combinations

Evolution21 is just as creative as you want it to be. All our fabric and leather colors can be combined to suit your everyday wish.