Sofa Anthony

Sofa Anthony features slimmer armrests placed at the same height as the back of the seat. Crafted to accommodate any number of cushions placed to suit the whims of need or fancy. Out of seeming chaos, arise free-form arrangements of striking effect. Sofa Anthony offers graceful lines and square dimensions for a visually light and comfortable effect. Anthony is available in a wide range of luxury leathers and fabrics.


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More than just relaxing

Impressive design, precise stitching and perfectly upholstered. Sofa Anthony will convince you that we excel at working not only with wood, but with fabric or leather of the highest quality as well. Comfort at first sight, balanced form. A Sofa that is perfect both for homes and for the demanding conditions of the best hotels and restaurants.

“Example of sofa Anthony low, siginifcantly lower arm rest”

Technical information

Sofa Anthony comes in the different sizes and arm heights.

Sofa Anthony High | Sofa Anthony Low

230W x 110L x 91H | 230W x 110L x 75.50H

250W x 110L x 91H | 250W x 110L x 75.50H

L 280W x 110L x 91H280W x 110L x 75.50H

XL 300W x 110L x 91H | 300W x 110L x 75.50H

Seat Height 53 cm  | Back Height 91cm | Armrest height 38 cm

Seat Height 55 cm  | Back Height 75.50 cm | Armrest height 28 cm 

Size on request.

Lovley, cosy and comfortable .
It seems to be very comfortable #sofaAnthony .

Availaible in different combinations

Evolution21 is just as creative as you want it to be. All our fabric and leather colors can be combined to suit your everyday wish.