Evolution21's high-end furniture line


Barchair Lauwrens

 A classy chair with wooden legs and a brass finish. 

Chair Flynn

Unique design which is Comfortably crafted.

Chair Harley

 A very soft a luxurious design that slides under any table.

Swivel Chair

An armchair featuring the latest technology and the most innovative materials.

Chair Venezia

Flexible and light which can be easily moved around the house. 

Chair Manhattan

A unique light piece with a lacquered black frame. Back rest with leather straps


Pouf Geo

Geometric perfection

Pouf Henry

It has an oval structure which wil fit in any kind of interior.

Pouf Scott

 Evolution21’s iconic pouf

Pouf Hailey

Soft and elegant piece of furniture which can be used in many creative ways.

Pouf Courchevel

A round pouf finished with Mongolia hairs and a oak finish with leather straps. 

Pouf Romy

Evolution21’s representation of a luxurious bean bag.

Pouf Square 

 A symmetrical version of our iconic pouf scott.

Pouf Louise

Pouf Louise has a squared shaped form. This is excellent addition to your everyday interior.


Sofa Boston

This unique sofa is easily arranged and rearranged.

Sofa Paris

Arched back with an incredible arm finish

Sofa Moon

The Moon shape can be placed in the center of a room as an eye-catcher.

Sofa So Lucky

A stunning sofa designed with armwrests that can be moved autonomously.

Sofa Anthony

A stunning sofa with many different possiblities.


Side Table June

 Top of the line marble with brass legs. Marble available in different colors.

Side Table Geo

 High end brass octogonal shape

Side Table Goldline

 High end brass cylinder shape

Sidetable Kaya

 Top of the line marble with brass legs. Marble available in different colors.


E21 Travel Bags

 Available in 3 sizes and a variety of leathers and fabrics.