From: 369,80

From: 369,80

Coup De Foudre | Bath Linen


Design by Karine Bonjean

Our Coup de Foudre or ‘Love at first sight’ fabric is art in action. With a nod to Picasso’s Ma Jolie, the repeating black and white geometric shapes interlace to tell a tale of love’s first sweet embrace. A combination of high-end quality yarn with precise weaving gives a supremely comfortable feel to the linen. Coup de Foudre is perfectly used to draw the eye as a patterned towel against more neutral backgrounds. A taste of the abstract, this is more than just a talking piece.

Product details

Made in Belgium
Dimensions: 16 x 21 Wash cloth | 40 x 60 Gues towel | 50 x 100 All Day | 70 x 140 Bath towel


Colors displayed digitally may vary slightly from actual product.