Pouf Scott

Soft & elegant

Pouf Scott

Evolution21’s Iconic Pouf scott is known for its comfort and its light colors. This pouf has four different measurements. Its playful size and shape allows it to be unique and fitting in every room.

Pouf Scott consist on 4 Sizes

  • Pouf Scott Small (50D x 40H) Cm
  • Pouf Scott medium (55D x 35H) Cm
  • Pouf Scott Large (60D x 30H) Cm
  • Pouf Scott extra Large (90D x 40H) Cm
  • Sizes on requests please click here

Pouf Henry

         Oval structure

Pouf Henry

Pouf Henry is one of our new poufs. It has an oval structure which wil fit in any kind of interior. It’s flexible size and light weight allows this pouf to be playful for all ages. 

Pouf Geo

Symmetrical Beauty

Pouf Geo

The Pouf Geo has a geometric form. Its base is made out of leather. This pouf is a beautiful design on itself but even more charming when combined with a sofa.

Pouf Geo Consist of 2 Measurements

  • Pouf Geo Small D53 x H41 
  • Pouf Geo Big D60 x H30
  • Sizes on requests please click here

Pouf Como

  With Leather attachment & caster wheel

Pouf Como 50D x 46H

Pouf Como comes from the beautiful italian lake Como. Our Como is a simple and flexible piece of furniture. It can be used as an extra seat or side table and taken with you to any room in the house or office.  The como comes with casters wheels that can easily be locked into place. Combining its luxury leather and soft fabrics, creates for a unique comfort.   The pouf is designed by Karine Bonjean and crafted in Italy.  The Fabric and leathers are customisable to your style.  

Pouf Louise

  3 sizes in all fabrics & leathers

Pouf Louise

Pouf Louise has a squared shaped form. This is excellent addition to your everyday interior. With its weightless body it can easily be placed around the house for anyone to enjoy. The leather straps can be costumized to your preferable color. 

Pouf Louise consist of 3 sizes

  • Pouf Louise Small (35W x 35L x 47H) Cm
  • Pouf Louise medium (47W x 35L 47H) Cm
  • Pouf Louise Large (50W x 50L x 47H) Cm
  • Sizes on requests please click here

Pouf Rotondo

Iconic and modern

Pouf Rotondo (50D x 49H)

Evolution21’s Iconic Pouf Rotondo is known for its comfort and its light colors. 

Pouf Rotondo

Pouf Moon

Available in two sizes

Pouf Moon Available in two sizes

Pouf moon is a round pouf available in a in two different sizes and hundreds of colors. Pouf moon allows for a beautiful color combination with luxury leathers and high-end fabrics. Pouf Moon consist of 2 sizes

  • Pouf Moon Small (100D x 38H) cm
  • Pouf Moon Large (120D x  45H) cm