Pouf Louise

Pouf Louise is a chic and modern piece of furniture that serves as a unique focal point for both the classic and contemporary interior. The symmetrical sides and elegant silhouette make it the ideal conversation piece as well as a luxurious seating experience.


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For everyday use

Pouf Louise has a squared shaped form and is an excellent addition to your everyday interior.

 With its weightless body it can easily be placed for anyone to enjoy.

It can be used as an extra seat or side table and taken with you to any room in the house or office.  

Combining its luxury leather and soft fabrics, it creates a unique comfort.   

The leather straps can be customized to your preferable colour. 

Technical information

Pouf Louise small 50 W x 40 H

Pouf Louise medium 60 W x 40 H

Pouf Louise large 50 W x 50L x 47 H

Wooden Base

Size on request.

Playfull decor @nupuurengroen.
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Availaible in different combinations

Evolution21 is just as creative as you want it to be. All our fabric and leather colors can be combined to suit your everyday wish.