E21 Travel Bag

Ever since the start of evolution21, Karine Bonjean has always had an eye for detail. Especially when we’re talking about high end fabric’s and leathers. Karine Bonjean has invested a lot of time into designing a bag which does not only look aesthetically fashionable but also has a soft and luxurious touch to it. 

After many hours of designing she has brought her luxurious duffel bags ready for transport. A durable and fashionable mode of transportation by Evolution21.


If you are interested in buying on of our bags send us an email on: info@kb-evolution21.com 



Available in 3 sizes

Evolution21 has created three sizes to suit your needs

The smallest size is the E21 Clutch bag

20L x 15H x 5W

The Medium size is the E21 Medium Travel bag

40L x 30H x 27W

The largest size is the E21 Large Travel Bag

47L x 37H x 27W

E21 clutch bag

E21 Medium Travel Bag

E21 Large Travel Bag

Every Detail matters

Evolution21 makes sure that every detail is important and essential to the owner of the E21 travel bag. Each layer and knot is hand crafted making each bag unique. 


Availaible in different fabrics and leathers

All the designs and leathers that are in the Evolution21’s collection can be used on the different sized bags. To view some of the possibilities click on the button below.